Automatic Switching On / Off

Our smart street lights system integrates passive infrared presence sensor for automatic presence detection and high precision ambient light sensor for automatic switching “On/Off” based on ambient light condition. In automatic mode of operation, our smart street light switches “On” with a default brightness level of 30%. The user/facility manager can also define/set the default brightness level for individual or all of the smart street lights from our web-based and android Smart City application.

Auto Brightnes and Dimming

Each of our smart street light integrates advance presence sensor. When a user presence is detected, our smart street light automatically increases the brightness level smoothly from default brightness level of 30% to 100 % brightness level. Our smart street lights also uses mesh networking topology, allowing it to automatically notify neighboring street lights of presence detection to increase their brightness level to maximum illumination level. Mesh networking topology also allows for dynamic range enhancement.

Remote Monitoring with failure notification

Our smart city application continuously monitors each and every smart street for faulty condition and automatically notifies user and facility manager of faulty street lights for prompt maintenance / replacement. With our smart street light application, the user / facility manager can monitor lamp burn hour for timely replacement. This also help significantly reduce the downtime and increased system availability.

Anytime, Anywhere connectivity

Our smart street light uses 6LowPAN (Low Power IPv6 Personal Area Networking) standard, the industry standard for IoT network connectivity. Each of our street light has a unique IPv6 address and uses mesh networking topology for highly flexible and scalable lighting network with dynamic range enhancement.

Each our street light being an unique IPv6 device, can be accessed, monitored and controlled anytime from anywhere with our web-based smart street light application and android application.

Zoning and Manual Operation

Our smart street light system also supports up to 31 zoning, with our smart city application. Zoning facilitates the user and facility manager to assign the street light to any of the 31 different zones and control the street lights zone wise when desired.

Our smart street light also supports manual mode of operation. With our smart city application it is also possible to manually operate each and every light. Facility manager can choose to individually switch On/Off each street light and also control the brightness level for each individual street light or whole of the system.

Weather proof and Easy to Install

All our smart street light modules are extremely modular in nature and is essentially a plug and play device that seamlessly integrates with almost all existing fixtures with minimal to no changes.

All our smart street light modules are encased in IP66 rated enclosure that help protect the device from dust and water and can withstand harsh weather conditions.



Our analytics support provides insights in various consuption patterns and thus allow facility manager to plan and manage street lights more efficiently.