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Why Osiris Systems ?

Industry Segment

Osiris Systems is a Product engineering & services company with extensive experience of designing and developing complex embedded system. We have successfully designed, developed and delivered multiple products for our customers across various industry segments. We provide R&D and engineering services in embedded system design, IoT applications development, AI & machine learning.

Osiris Systems possess almost 150 man-years in embedded product development for consumer electronics, industrial automation, agricultural innovation, data center monitoring management.

We have successfully designed, developed and deployed centralized data center infrastructure  management for a large defense organization.

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Osiris Systems


We aspire to be the best product engineering and services company,  delivering cost efficient, quality products and services that comply with the best engineering practices 


Become the Most Admired Electronics Product Engineering Services Company in India and Internationally


People are at the core of our values, we believe in mutual trust, respect, and dignity in everything we do. We are committed to fostering an organizational culture that promotes professionalism, team and Individual growth.