Embedded & IoT Application Development

Osiris has extensive experience in IoT product development, our team of experts helps organizations & businesses realize the boundless possibilities & potentials of internet of things. We provide end-to-end product development, that includes wireless sensor node hardware design, sensor integration, IoT Application Development and integration with customer cloud infrastructure.

For any successful IoT product, Web & Mobile Applications forms an important user interface to monitor and control edge nodes and actuators. Our IoT application development team will help translate your vision & ideas into intuitive, engaging user experience.

Our team of engineers has designed, developed and deployed enterprise grade IoT application for large business establishment.

Web Application Development

Our IoT Web Application team can help design, develop secured IoT web and mobile applications to monitor and control IoT devices anytime from Anywhere.
Our design and development team comply with best design practices and standards.

Technologies:Angular8, NodeJS, React, InfluxDB, MongoDB, Postgress, Ngnix, Loudml AI/ML, Mainflux, Microsoft Azure, Docker Compose, Kubernetes, MQTT, CoAP, HTTP REST Services

Android & IoS Application

We have a team of experienced developer for Android & IoS Mobile Applications for Home Automation, Industrial Automation, Bluetooth / NFC enabled healthcare devices. Our U/UX design team has extensive experience designing UI Wireframe, UI Icons, graphic & control elements.

We have experience in voice Integration with - Alexa, Google Home, Siri.

Technologies: Java, JNI, Objective C, Swift, Kotlin, HTML5, JQuery, Ionic, CoAP, Bluetooth, NFC, RF / WiFi, MQTT

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