Orion 2.0v

Data Center Infrastructure Management

Unified Single Pane Dashboard

Orion 2.0v provides real-time single pane centralized Dashboard for all Smart Rack Servers Deployed across various geographical locations.

Orion provides complete flexibility to setup the Dashboard as per user preferences.

Dashboard also integrates Tabular View and Timeline Analytics for In-depth analysis of various Smart Rack Server Parameters.

Live & Historical Data Trend

Orion 2.0v provides live trending and Historical View of all RoBo Signals / Parameters. User can also retrieve historical data over a period of 6 months. Orion 2.0 uses InfluxDB time-series database for data sensor data storage and retrieval.

Facility Manager can also export the Data in Excel Format for further analytics


Orion 2.0v integrates Tensor Flow AI & Machine Learning, helps in proactive preventive maintenance of Smart Server Rack critical equipment like UPS, RCU, UPS, PDU and other critical Smart Rack parameters like Water Leakage, Smoke, Vibration.

AI and ML algorithm helps in early detection of any anomaly in the critical parameters of Chilling Units, UPS Load , battery backup, abrupt variation in Input and Output Voltage, supply frequency.

Dynamic Device & Data Management

Orion 1.0v provides interfaces to dynamically Add / Delete / Edit new devices, set thresholds for all the parameters, the system sends alerts e-mail notification and SMS alert on deviation to the assigned user.

The Administrator can assign each RoBo to any individual within the organization or a group of user. Only assigned user will receive the notification.

Osiris IoT Platform is Versatile, Enterprise Grade and End-to-End Secured.