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IoT Platform, Thin Client, Orion 2.0v- DCIM

Data Center Infrastructure Monitoring

Orion 2.0v is an integrated of Data Centre Infrastructure monitoring applications that enable business & organization get real-time insight into the operation of critical data center equipment like power supply, UPS, cooling unit and environmental parameters for high availability & operational efficiency throughout the life cycle of the data center equipment.

Orion 2.0v integrates open source AI & ML library; loudml for proactive fault detection & prevention. Integrated AI & ML algorithm continuously monitors all critical data center metrics, sends out alerts and notification on abnormal operation/ deviations.

Osiris Thin Client

Osiris thin client deliver secure desktop virtualization that is secured, easy to us and manage, uses open source Linux Operating Systems, and is amazingly easy to navigate and is ideal for virtual desktop and web Browser applications.

Osiris thin client configuration and setup is effortless and supports all widely used Industry standard VDI clients like Citrix®, VMware®, Microsoft® RDP and a default web browser. Osiris Thin Clients systems support the latest VDI Protocols like PCoIP, VMware Extreme Blast for ultimate user experience.

Osiris’s thin client system brings you tremendous growth opportunities, while significantly reducing your IT Infrastructure Management Cost.

Cold Chain Monitoring Systems

Maintaining appropriate temperature of food, chemicals, and medicines during storage & transportation is of paramount importance, any negligence can costs billons of US dollars per year. It is estimated that one third of the food produced are wasted for lack of proper storage.

Osiris Cold chain monitoring systems helps monitor the temperature in real-time, any deviation is immediately notified for appropriate action. Better tracking of temperature in transit & storage assures quality deliverables to the end customer. Osiris wireless sensor nodes can measure the temperature and humidity for both mobile trucks & storage warehouse in real-time, the sensor nodes also stores the measured variable for 100 days retrieval if required.

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