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We Undertake New Product & Custom Product Development

Reliable hardware is critical to the success of any embedded system design. Our hardware design team possess almost around 25 man-years of combined experience in designing hardware system architecture, PCB design, fabrication & Prototyping for Consumer & Industrial electronics.

Our team has designed & delivered low power battery operated embedded & IoT Systems on microcontrollers from semiconductor manufacturer like Texas Instrument, Atmel, Microchip, Renesas. Our hardware design lab is equipped with the latest design and test tools.

Product Engineering Services

Osiris offers complete end-to-end Product Engineering Services, our team of engineering experts strive to reduce the time to market. We have extensive experience designing wireless sensor nodes, Sensor modules. We have designed & developed ultra low power, battery enabled Wireless Modules for various IoT application. 

Hardware Design & Prototyping

Osiris provides custom Hardware & Board Design service for embedded systems, IoT enabled device for consumer electronics & industrial automation product. Our design team comprises of experience IPC certified professionals ensuring compliance with various design requirement like EMI/EMC, DFM, DFT.

Our Design is backed by extensive checklist, detailed BoM ensuring first time right and quick turn around. We also offer custom mechanical enclosure design and Prototyping.

Embedded & IoT Application

Our team possess extensive experience in embedded software development, Embedded UI and Middleware Development. Our engineers has 25 years of experience working with consumer electronic companies like Samsung, Panasonic, Nokia Siemens.

We have also experience of developing Web-based and Mobile application of IoT Products like Smart RoBo, Cold Storage Monitoring, Industrial Machine Monitoring.

Technologies- Angular8, NodeJS, React, InfluxDB, MongoDB, Postgress, Mainflux.

Our Expertise

Hardware Design

Software / Firmware