Smart Street Light

Centralized Monitoring, Adaptive Brighness Control, Dynamic Fault Detection

Streetlights accounts for almost 20% of energy consumptions worldwide, however this figure rises sharply for large cities & municipal corporations, local governing bodies, wherein almost 40% of electrical energy cost is attributed to street lights, lights in parks and other public amenities. With rising energy cost & reducing energy budget, there is an increasing demand for resourceful and energy efficient lighting solution without compromising public safety and security.

Osiris Smart streetlight can save up to 80% energy bills while significantly reducing maintenance cost. Osiris Intelligent lighting is truly a make in India product, the hardware and the software is completely designed and developed in India, this gives us complete flexibility to customize and enhance as per our customer requirements to meet ever changing market dynamics.

Our Smart street light solution integrates the latest sensor technology for automatic adaptive lighting control. Our Smart street light solution combined with LED Street Light can significantly reduce the power consumption by about 70% when compared to traditional street lights.

Centralized Monitoring & Control

Osiris Smart street light uses 802.15.4 low power industry standard for IoT network connectivity with mesh networking topology for highly reliable, flexible and scalable network with Dynamic Range Enhancement.

Each our street light being an unique IPv6 device, can be accessed, monitored and controlled anytime from anywhere with our web-based smart city application & android application.

Osiris Smart City Application continuously monitor each and every smart streetlights for fault and notifies facility manager of any faulty streetlight for prompt maintenance and replacement.

Dynamic Brightness Control

Osiris Smart Street Light works on the principle of “Light When Needed”. Osiris Smart Street Light integrates precision ambient light & Infrared presence sensor for automatic ON/OFF depending upon ambient light condition, integrated infrared presence sensor dynamically adjust the streetlight brightness level, when user presence is detected.

Presence sensor increases the brightness of the light smoothly from 30% to 100%, mesh notworking topology helps streetlight dynamically increase the brightness of the neighboring streetlight nodes of user presence detection. The Streetlight reverts back to normal brightness level of 30%, when no user is detected. This help reduce energy bill significantly. 

Zoning & Control

Osiris Smart Street light Monitoring System supports up to 31 different zones for better better granularity and control.

Zoning facilitates the user and facility manager to assign the street light to any of the 31 different zones and control the street lights zone wise when desired.

Our smart street light also supports manual mode of operation. With our smart city application it is also possible to manually operate each and every light. Facility manager can choose to individually switch On/Off each street light and also control the brightness level for each individual street light or whole of the system.

Key Advantages:

We also Develop Custom Smart Street Application as per Customer Business Needs