Osiris Thin Client

Supports All Industry Standard VDI Clients - VMHorizon, RDP, Citrix

Ensuring data security, while reducing the total cost of ownership is an absolute necessity for any organization looking to grow. Thin Client Systems effectively solves both of the problems. Thin Client is rapidly gaining popularity across industry.

Thin client solutions eliminate the need for local data storage on client terminals by consolidating data & applications that have traditionally been stored on individual PC. Not only does this minimize the risk of information leaks, it also enables centralized management of multiple terminals, thus reducing operational costs. Osiris thin client system brings you tremendous growth opportunities, while significantly reducing your IT Infrastructure Management Cost.

Why Osiris Thin Clients ?

Osiris Thin Client Architecture

Osiris Thin Client delivers secure desktop virtualization, that is easy to us and manage. Based on Open Source Operating Systems Linux, that is amazingly easy to navigate and ideal for virtual desktop & web browser applications. Osiris Thin client configuration & setup is effortless, and supports all widely used Industry standard VDI clients like Citrix®, VMware®, Microsoft® RDP and a default web browser. Osiris Thin Clients systems support the latest VDI Protocols like PCoIP, VMware Extreme Blast for ultimate user experience.

Device Specifications

Orvi Neo Rs. 9745/-

Orvi Neo Plus Rs. 10450/-

Orvi Extreme Rs. 11950/-

Osiris Advantage

Osiris Thin Client Supports all the industry Standard Thin Client Protocols

Vmware, Citrix, Microsoft RDP